Virtual Training: Using Writebacks in the OPC Data Logger

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Dec 17, 2020 2:00:00 PM

An often important task when logging important process data to a database or even to the cloud is verification that the data has been logged. This ensures that data has been successfully logged and will not be lost when overwritten in the downstream process.

In this video blog, we'll step through the configuration required in the OPC Data Logger for logging important process data to a database on condition related to a monitored item and how to perform a writeback to the OPC data source confirming the data has been successfully logged.

Watch this video to learn how to log process data from any OPC UA or DA data source based on a monitored item trigger with a writeback to the OPC server for verification using the OPC Data LoggerLooking for other how-to videos for OPC Data Logger?  Click here!

Just to summarize, in this video, I've shown you:

  1. A quick review of the existing configuration for:
    1. OPC UA data source settings for logging from an OPC UA server
    2. Existing configured OPC item settings
    3. Existing configured data store for Azure SQL
    4. Azure SQL database table being logged to
  2. How to configure a writeback to an item in the OPC server for confirming logging has occurred successfully
    1. Including defining the Writeback in the SQL Server storage properties with the appropriate cause for the write back to the OPC item.
  3. How to log data from the OPC server based on the condition of a monitored item using a Monitored Item trigger
    1. Including defining the Monitored Item trigger for use as the trigger for logging in the Logging Group.
  4. Verifying successful triggered based logging to SQL / Azure and writeback to the OPC server.

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