Viewing Your Software Toolbox Support History

Posted by Marc Holbach on Aug 2, 2016 1:55:14 PM

So you just installed a Software Toolbox product and have run into a problem and you have exhausted all the normal troubleshooting steps – what do you do now?

The next step should be to give our support team a call, or shoot us an email. Whether you call or email, the moment you reach out to us a support ticket will be created and your support history is recorded in its entirety in our CRM system for future reference.

This blog post will cover how easy it is to access your current and historical cases with the Software Toolbox support team.

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Topics: Wonderware, Technical Support

Minimize Downtime with TOP Server Troubleshooting Tools

Posted by Lauren Conrad on Jul 19, 2016 12:33:10 PM

In this blog, we will cover the built-in startup and testing features included in the TOP Server including a video link to see these tools in action.

These tools include a sample OPC client that can help with quickly testing connectivity to your devices, as well as device-to-server level and server-to-client level communication diagnostics. The user interface displays important informational messages, as well as communication warnings and errors. Also available is extensive and easy to navigate help documentation.

We’ll briefly discuss each of these tools and take a look at a video which walks us through the use of each of these tools and points us to further troubleshooting resources at Software Toolbox.

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Topics: Wonderware, Technical Support, Troubleshooting

What is the customer experience when contacting the supplier’s technical support?

Posted by Win Worrall on Apr 12, 2016 2:02:15 PM

This is Part 3 of our “25 Things to Consider when Choosing an OPC Tunnel” series. What is the customer experience when contacting the supplier’s technical support?

Technical support is an area where users shouldn’t underestimate the importance.  This blog will cover some important aspects of technical support to consider when evaluating different tunneling suppliers.

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Topics: Device Integration, OPC Tunnel, DCOM, Tunneling, Technical Support, DataHub

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