What Can You Count On When Working with Software Toolbox?

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May 11, 2023 2:00:00 PM

Having expectations, for both oneself and others, plays a vast role in motivation, success and the overall experience one has in virtually any situation. As can be expected, when you're reaching out to the technical support team of any company, there's a good chance you're already in a state of some distress, potentially. As such, an empathetic ear and technically proficient hand on the other end of the line can go a long way to making your day better.

Software Toolbox takes great measures to ensure that all employees are equipped to provide exceptional support and we hold ourselves to a high expectation when delivering solutions to your technical problems. We put ourselves in your shoes wherever possible to understand the stressors motivating your call so we can do our best to deliver. This blog post will highlight some key benefits of working with Software Toolbox.

Comprehensive training involving technical topics but also general business knowledge, industry knowledge, industry history and other non-technical topics gives Software Toolbox support engineers and even non-support staff a well-rounded set of skills to be that empathetic and proficient resources when you call in or email. Let's step through some of the key components of that support experience that you can expect.

Software Toolbox Trainees Hit the Ground Running

First and foremost, we ensure ALL team members are aware of cybersecurity in their onboarding and ongoing training. We know our clients are in critical industries and at high risk. We follow an “If you don’t know, ask” mentality when onboarding new team members to encourage questions and conversations. Our teams work hard to follow best practices around our systems, development practices and also monitor those of our partners and suppliers.

Conceptual_Customer_Experience_500x333Additionally, Software Toolbox’s culture, history, and customer experience expectations are covered during onboarding training for all team members. Our company cares about this so deeply that our founder leads this training during the first few days of any new hire’s employment - which is just magnificent in my opinion!

The standard of “This is how we operate” is established for every new hire during those first few days, but also reinforced through all discussions, often referring to some internal customer experience frameworks hanging all over our offices, which in turn sets and maintains the expectation of delivering customer experiences that exceed expectations.

Software Toolbox Team is Deeply Knowledgeable

When working with Software Toolbox, you get a team with strong educational backing with degrees in mechanical, computer, and electrical engineering, as well as, computer science, information technology, and even one with a master’s in applied data analytics. We work as a team to leverage each other’s strengths while also partaking in rigorous foundational development training.

Learning_Resources_300x150So, what exactly does that look like?

All Technical Consultant team members receive in-depth training on the following topics: Automation Industry, Networking, Databases, and Virtualization. Having a concrete foundational understanding of these topics allows our support team to provide knowledgeable solutions to you.

Software Toolbox Fosters Synergy Across Functional Areas

A customer can expect to experience individuals that are clearly working as a well-coordinated team when working with Software Toolbox. We practice cross-department training with our team members so that we can coordinate effectively and provide consistent support solutions.

Having a team that strives to operate as one cohesive unit means that our customers are met with accurate, clear, and complete responses - no matter whom they are speaking to. When working with Software Toolbox, you are working with individuals who are strategizing with their coworkers and utilizing their (and others) knowledge at every point of action so that our clients' expectations can be met and often exceeded.


We encourage conversations and collaboration among team members, which is important because we have such a wide variety of software. With this variety comes the need to work in close liaison with one another, facilitating our deep technical knowledge of how our wide variety of software works together and with other vendors' software solutions.

Software Toolbox Software Solutions are More Than Just Software

When using solutions from Software Toolbox and calling our team, customers can expect a real person to answer the phone (within our business hours of 8 AM - 5 PM Eastern, Monday - Friday) - NO automated system. Additionally, email inquiries have a targeted initial response time of 2 hours (but for reference, in 2022, our team averaged 36 minutes). This means that our customers can rest assured that their inquiries are being treated with high priority and can expect quick responses and timely communication.

Additionally, we recognize that knowledge is power. Software Toolbox provides solutions that include tools and resources that empower the user to be knowledgeable about the solutions, as well. The approach we take when doing this is to first make the information easily accessible to our users and secondly, educate them as much as possible.


To that end, our website has an extensive knowledgebase that not only our customers, but any individual can access. This knowledgebase is comprised of tons of helpful information that applies to not only the products we support but also general helpful information on topics such as Wireshark Network Analysis and logging in as an Administrator for Remote Desktop sessions.

Along with the knowledgebase, Software Toolbox also maintains a diverse blog series (of which, this post is a part). We strive to create and provide relevant topics that we feel our customer base would likely benefit from or topics that coincide with particular current industry focuses, such as our series on Environmental Sustainability in honor of Earth Day.  We ultimately want our users to walk away having learned something after interacting with the resources we make available.

Don't Take Our Word For It - Software Toolbox Is Backed By Raving Fans

Concept_RavingFans_300x245If you regularly work with Software Toolbox, you may have received one of our surveys. We welcome constructive feedback from our customers and use this information to improve our products and support experience. Often, we are met with gratitude and kind words from our customers. Below are a few examples of the customer testimonials we have received through not only surveys but everyday correspondence with our customers:

“Software Toolbox support has always been top notch; superfast response times, issues quickly resolved, support folks are friendly, and consistently follow up.” -An Oil & Gas Industry User

“Always available. Fast answer.” -A Consumer Packaged Good Industry User

“The technical support I received was great.  As a former technical support person having actual expertise in what you are looking to resolve is a blessing. I had all my questions and concerns answered. It really was a pleasant experience.” - A Manufacturing Industry User

“I am always impressed with the knowledge of your support staff.” - An Educational Institution User

“Every time I have a question or problem, Software Toolbox always responds quickly and intelligently.  Has to be one of the best customer service companies I have ever dealt with.  Thanks for the awesome customer service.  Can't thank you enough!” -An Automation Industry Device Vendor User

One of our core focuses across any of our software solutions is providing an experience that you'd want to share with a colleague - an experience that gives you confidence in calling Software Toolbox for any issue or question without the anxiety that sometimes comes with calling a company's support line. As we like to say, we want to be your "One Responsible Partner" to help ensure your systems are running reliably and performing at their best.

I'll say again, we welcome any and all feedback after your interactions with us - they help us continue to help you at the highest level. And if you haven't worked with us before, hopefully this look into what you can expect will be useful towards giving us a call the next time you have an software integration or connectivity challenge to solve but your not sure what solution meets your needs. We're always happy to discuss your projects and challenges and make suggestions. Just contact us and we're happy to help!

For more information on the Support and Maintenance Agreements at Software Toolbox, please visit this page and please feel free to contact our support team with any questions and remember to subscribe to our blog for more posts on not just general topics but best practices and relevant industrial automation topics and how-tos.

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