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Jan 30, 2020 2:00:00 PM

It’s a new year and a new decade and, as everything moves faster, we all have to keep our knowledge and skills current.

In this blog post, we provide a quick reference to learning resources that users have told us were the most helpful to them over the course of the last year.

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What is OPC? The Beginners Guide - This guide is our most popular technical learning resource for users that are new to automation, new to OPC, or just have things they always wanted to ask.

Get the guide and help us expand it by sending us your questions. Also check out this year’s “Exploring OPC UA” series and subscribe for updates.

Thumbnail - Beginner's Guide to OPC
Screenshot - DataHub Azure IoT

IIoT MQTT Video Training – Three of our more popular video blog posts teach how to integrate OPC DA or UA data with MQTT and to Microsoft Azure.

We’re seeing growing adoption of MQTT in many industries – learn how in these videos.

OPC UA PubSub, Client Development & Security – OPC UA adoption has grown significantly in 2019 and development of custom OPC UA client applications is a hot topic.

Learn about how you can develop OPC UA clients including support for the new OPC UA PubSub specification.

Info Graphic - OPC UA PubSub Concept
Screenshot - LGH File Inspector File View

How to Extract Aveva InTouch (formerly Wonderware) LGH File Data – Extract over 10 million values in a single query? Yes, we can do that!

Query automatically, on a time schedule, auto-populate existing Excel sheets, make new ones, create CSV files, Historian FastLoad files. Learn how LGH File Inspector gets the job done.

S7-1500 PLC OPC UA & MQTT Integration – Learn how to directly connect to S7-1500 PLCs, log data to CSV and Databases, integrate to your HMI using OPC UA in these video and appnote blogs.

S7-1500 PLCs now optionally are MQTT clients, so also visit our MQTT Broker/OPC training.

OPC UA Connectivity to S7-1500
Avoid Frustration with SWTB Tech Support Corner

Tech Support Corner – These posts were by far the most popular, covering topics to help keep life calm such as quick starts, DCOM help, virtualization best practices and more.

With a new tip each month, this is a great reason to be subscribed to our blog.

OPC Workflows and SAP Integration – check out the OPC Router that we’ve added to our offers – visual drag/drop workflows for OPC DA & UA data integration including a certified SAP connector, SOAP Web Services, connector and more.

Screenshot - OPC Router Workflows
Reporting Beyond Excel

Putting Your Data to Use – We’ve helped you get the data, integrate it, but did you know we can also help you deliver it to the people that need it?

Flow Software's information platform helps you go beyond spreadsheets in bringing together disparate data sources in a single place.

Dream Report continues forward with many new powerful features as the world’s leading reporting tool.

We know them both but more importantly we know how they work with our other offerings and can support your solutions using multiple products.

TOP Server Device Quick Start Videos – New Video tutorials for Omron NJ/NX, Omron Ethernet, Siemens S7, Oil/Gas drivers, and more.

With 26 quick start videos from basic to complex, TOP Server users have more resources than ever to get started quickly!

Thumbnail - TOP Server How-To Videos
Access a Variety of Useful How-To Videos

DataHub, OmniServer & Other Video Training – There are now 19 Cogent DataHub videos and 14 OmniServer videos available for your on demand viewing, along with additional other videos in our blog.

From data bridging, OPC DA/UA Gateway configuration, protocol optimization and more, these are some of our most popular videos.

Case Studies – Integrating Non-PLC Devices to MES/HMI/SCADA – Digital transformation projects are exposing more and more unique, non-PLC devices every day. Learn how users are integrating phones, intercoms, printers, scales and more without writing any custom code. See how we’ve reduced implementation time for these protocols by up to 40%.

Diagram - OmniServer Case Studies

We hope you found this useful and that it helps you hone your skills and knowledge throughout this year and beyond.  Do subscribe to our blog and, as always, if you have questions, let us know.

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