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Video Tutorial: Using OmniServer with System Platform via OPC

Jul 19, 2018 2:00:00 PM

OmniServer's core connectivity and data parsing abilities are only part of the equation when integrating non-standard devices with Wonderware.  How does that device data then make it up into Wonderware?

In this video blog, part of a series on connecting Wonderware to OmniServer, I'll show you how to make a basic OPC DA connection from Wonderware System Platform to OmniServer for integrating process data from all of your "other" devices that don't have a standard, off-the-shelf driver - all without having to write custom code.

Watch this video to learn how to connect Wonderware System Platform to OmniServer via OPC DA, including basic setup, for integrating your non-standard devices without code.



Just to summarize, in this video, I've shown you:

  1. How to configure a simulation topic in OmniServer using the CLIENT_TEST protocol and RANDOM device.
  2. How to configure an OPC DA client connection in Wonderware System Platform
  3. How to view simulated live data from OmniServer in Wonderware System Platform.

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Ready to integrate your own non-standard devices with Wonderware System Platform using OmniServer?

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Kevin Rutherford
Written by Kevin Rutherford

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