Video Tutorial - Email Reports / Alerts from OPC & Other Data Sources

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Sep 29, 2022 2:00:00 PM

It's important for any enterprise to have actionable data in the timeliest fashion for making decisions. Minimizing downtime and increasing performance are important to the profitability of any company and knowledge at the point of action is key.

To that end, automating notifications or reports based on the latest process data from your various systems can ensure you're never in the dark when it comes to your processes.

In this post, I will cover step-by-step how to easily automate email notifications and reports for OPC and data sources with the OPC Router for giving you and other decision makers the knowledge you need to make informed decision as quickly as possible.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to configure integration with a variety of common email servers using OPC Router, and then send configurable reports and email alerts from the array of data sources supported by OPC Router including OPC.

In this video, we've shown you:

  1. How to setup and test email server access for OPC Router for some common free/public mail servers:
    1. Google Mail SMTP Mail Server
    2. Yahoo Mail SMTP Mail Server
    3. Outlook Live SMTP Mail Server
  2. How to configure a connection to an OPC data source (for more detailed OPC connectivity and other tutorials, click here)
  3. How to configure a workflow to send an email alert based on a data change trigger from an OPC data source.
    1. Including using placeholder variables to inject live data from the data source into the email
  4. How to test your email alerts

While this how-to video specifically demonstrates sending email alerts or reports based off of OPC DA server data, the OPC Router supports many other interfaces and can take any data accessible by the OPC Router and provide email alerts/reports based on that data (with a variety of configurable triggers to initiate the alerts).

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