Integration of Vibration Monitoring Hardware into HMI, SCADA, MES, & Historians

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Feb 21, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Software Toolbox has worked with integrators, users, OEMS and distributors of Wonderware Software products since 1997.  At a Schneider Electric Software conference in 2017, they met a hardware supplier new to the Wonderware user community, Test Products International, also known as TPI.  It turns out TPI is not new to the vibration monitoring space, though, and has a long history of providing handheld test and measurement equipment. In this video blog...

See how partners team up for joint demonstration of a solution for cost effective vibration monitoring hardware integrated to Wonderware using OmniServer for TPI Smart Vibration Monitors.  

TPI's Smart Vibration Monitors caught Software Toolbox’s eye as something that needed to be integrated with Wonderware through OPC DA, UA or SuiteLink.  From there, a partnership was born.  The 3 minute video below tells the story!



The TPI 9034 and 9038 Smart Vibration Monitors enable connections to accelerometer, tachometer, and temperature inputs at highly cost effective price points.  Software Toolbox created the OmniServer for TPI Smart Vibration Monitors software to provide proven, standards-based connectivity for the TPI devices.

Now any user with an OPC DA or OPC UA client can connect easily to the TPI hardware. Wonderware InTouch users can use these same methods or the native SuiteLink interface in the OmniServer.

To learn more, obtain a product data sheet, or request a demonstration of the product, contact Software Toolbox.


John Weber
Written by John Weber

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