Key TOP Server for AVEVA V6.9 Features to Be Excited About

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Jun 11, 2020 2:00:00 PM

In keeping with ongoing continuous improvement initiatives, TOP Server for AVEVA V6.9 expands connectivity support for several existing drivers.  This is in addition to other updates to over 25 drivers and plug-ins.

In this post, we'll cover the key features released in V6.9 in more detail, including updates to OPC UA Client driver data types and tags for EUROMAP 77 compatibility, support for additional GE Fanuc Focas parameters, expanded Torque Tool Ethernet message IDs and more, including how they benefit you as a TOP Server user.

TOP Server Version 6.9 further increases the compatibility of your TOP Server systems and also includes updates to over 25 drivers and plug-ins for continued optimal performance and flexibility for users of those drivers and plug-ins.  Let's cover three of the most important updates in V6.9.

EUROMAP 77 Support via Expanded Data Type and Tag Support for OPC UA Client

TOP Server adds support for EUROMAP 77 via OPC UATOP Server V6.6 introduced a EUROMAP 63 driver, which is the traditional file-based transfer communications method for accessing Injection Molding Machines (IMM).  In case you aren't familiar, injection molding machines are common across multiple industries including Tier 1 and 2 automotive, pharmaceuticals, food/beverage, consumables, electronics and packaging.

EUROMAP 77 is the new industry standard for communicating with IMMs.  Based on OPC UA, EUROMAP 77 defines its own equipment and application specific namespace for use via OPC UA.

To that end, TOP Server V6.9 adds support to the OPC UA Client driver for select data types and tags supported by embedded EUROMAP 77 namespace OPC UA server in IMMs.  This new support enables AVEVA solutions including MES to reliably interface with IMMs supporting the EUROMAP 77 namespace.

The following additional datatypes/nodes are now supported in the OPC UA Client driver:

  • ApplicationDescription
  • EnumValueType
  • EUInformation
  • Range
  • ServiceCounterDataType
  • TimeZone

Expanded Message ID (MID) Support for Torque Tool Ethernet Driver

Atlas Copco PF6000 Torque ToolTorque tools are utilized across multiple manufacturing industries to apply specific torque to fasteners like nuts and bolts.  This greatly enhances an operator's ability to reproducibly apply a precise amount of torque.

The TOP Server Torque Tool Ethernet driver uses the Torque Tool Open protocol which ensures interoperability with torque tools from a variety of manufacturers including Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand and others.

With V6.9, the Torque Tool Ethernet driver further expands supported MIDs (Message IDs) to now include:

  • MID2500 for Tightening Program Message Download
  • MID2501 for Tightening Program Message Upload

These additional MIDs facilitate reading and writing tightening programs from the Power Focus 6000 torque tools from Atlas Copco.

Added Parameter Access for GE Fanuc Focas Ethernet

TOP Server V6.9 adds support for several additional function calls to the Fanuc Focas Ethernet driver.  A variety of new parameters can now be accessed via the cnc_rddynamic2 and cnc_exeprgname address calls available in the Fanuc Focas interface library.

  • cnc_exeprgname - provides access to the Program Name and Number of the current program
  • cnc_rddynamic2 - provides access to variables including Alarms, Position Values, Feed Rate, Spindle Speed, Sequence Number, and Program Number.

Additionally, tags available via the cnc_rdaxisdata call have been expanded to allow support for up to 32 axes (previously these were limited to 4 axes).Increased Compatibility for Fanuc CNCs

Users relying on Fanuc CNCs for machining applications now have increased compatibility and functionality with TOP Server V6.9.

The features above and other features not covered here provide expanded device compatibility, ease-of-use and flexibility.  As always, a full list of the other enhancements and features in the release notes that we just don’t have room to cover here is available - click for details.

Want to see TOP Server V6.9 for yourself?  Download the free trial.

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