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Video Tutorial: Key New Features - OmniServer V3.1.0.9

Oct 17, 2019 2:00:00 PM

As part of our continuous improvement process at Software Toolbox, OmniServer is updated several times a year to add additional useful features and tools, and to resolve any known issues.

In this video blog, I will cover updates and enhancements available in OmniServer V3.1.0.9 to help you with flexibility and testing while connecting to all of your non-standard devices.

Watch this video to learn recent OmniServer updates available with the current version - V3.1.0.9.  For full release details, visit the News section of the OmniServer website.

Just to summarize, in this video, I've shown you:

  1. How to specify a different directory location for OmniServer's Program Data folder while installing OmniServer.

    Screenshot - Changing OmniServer ProgramData Folder
  2. How to launch the new Software Toolbox OPC Test Client from the OmniServer Configuration and subscribe to all configured topic items automatically.
  3. How to disable automatically subscribing to all topic tags.

    Screenshot - Disabling OmniServer Automatically Adding Tags
  4. How to launch the Software Toolbox OPC Test Client manually from the Start menu.
  5. How to connect to an OPC server, add tags and perform write operations for a tag in the Software Toolbox OPC Test Client.

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Need the Software Toolbox OPC Test Client for testing with different servers on different machines?  Click here to get a standalone installer for the Software Toolbox OPC Test Client.

Ready to try these new OmniServer features with your own non-standard devices?

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Kevin Rutherford
Written by Kevin Rutherford

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