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Jan 22, 2019 2:00:00 PM

The New Year is a time of renewal, new projects, new challenges, and for some of you, new roles, or new people on your teams.

In this blog post, we provide a quick reference to resources from the past year that should be helpful to you and your colleagues.  If you aren't already subscribed to our blog, we encourage you to subscribe. We publish new content about once a week, sometimes more often, and you can control when you are notified about new content.

Here are the top resources that users like you have found useful over the past year.
Automation 101 – After 23 years in business, we’re hearing from more and more people that are new to industrial control, and wanting to learn more. We have continued to build out this dedicated area with posts on general connectivity, Modbus deep dives on function codes and addressing, data logging, and more, and will continue adding relevant topics into the future.  Automation 101 - Learn about industrial control topics
 OPC DA Server Basic Concept What is OPC V2 - Expanded Beginner's Guide – By far our #1 post of the last year, we have released a new version of this guide with 5 more FAQs based on user questions and feedback. Get the latest guide now!
 Easy Rapid OPC Client Development OPC UA Client Development - Development of custom OPC UA client applications is a hot topic.

Learn about rapid application creation toolkit advances that make secure OPC UA client development faster and easier, including support for cross platform applications, .NET Core, and more.

Connecting OPC to the Cloud - Moving data from OPC data sources to Azure, Amazon, Google, and cloud based MQTT destinations was the topic of the most active post of late 2018 – learn more about available tools in this blog post.

 DataHub MQTT Client Integrations Data to the Cloud
 Flow_Info_Graphic New Uses for Historical Data - End Spreadsheet Torture! – How much time to you spend pulling together from multiple sources into spreadsheets? And then someone else edits the spreadsheet, and breaks it, and you don’t know who did it! Meanwhile you’re pressured for reports, problems surprise you or your managers, and productivity pressures mount. Learn how to break out of spreadsheet torture using new approaches.   We also have a whitepaper available here.

Video Tutorials: Expanded TOP Server Learning – You asked for more “show me how”, our technical teams have delivered with more hands-on Quick Start Videos for connecting TOP Server for Wonderware to devices, including the extensive Oil & Gas connectivity capabilities and more regular manufacturing drivers.


 Flexible Options for Using InTouch LGH Files Innovative Uses for InTouch LGH Files – The LGH file format has been around a long time and the last year have seen new ways to leverage LGH files.  A big area of interest has been the retrieval of forensic data for regulatory, compliance, and accountability purposes.  We’ve added new functionality to LGH File Inspector for global users across time zones and have more planned for 2019. Learn more about LGH File Inspector
Video Tutorials: Expanded DataHub Learning – Like our other major products, we’ve pulled together all our DataHub videos in one place to facilitate your learning.

Watch for major updates in 2019 showing how to use the V9 functionality of DataHub, starting with the new remote configuration capabilities.
 DataHub Version 9 Adds MQTT and More
 Tech Support Corner Shares Most Useful FAQs New Tech Support Corner – Our technical team that you depend on and value has started their own monthly blog of tips and tricks based on your questions and feedback.  See what they have going here.
Videos: Connecting Non-PLC, Non-Standard Devices to HMI/MES/SCADA - Barcode readers, weigh scales, weigh bridges, printers, digital instruments, sensors, and more – if it has a serial or Ethernet interface but its own protocol, and you want to integrate it with your systems, learn how.  Easily connect non-standard devices
Ask a Question Now We hope you found this useful and please do subscribe to our blog and, as always, if you have questions, please let us know.
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