Minimizing the Effort & Expense of Building ArchestrA Graphics

Posted by Kevin Rutherford on Jun 8, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Although Wonderware has many powerful tools with wizards and other time-saving capabilities, designing visually dynamic and attractive graphics can still be an intimidating, time-consuming task for many reasons, especially when you aren’t a graphic or CAD designers. Given the typical level of customization required (with the resultant time/effort involved), creating graphics can eat up a big chunk of a project pretty quickly with respect to both time and budget.

And, even over time, if you're an integrator (or even a user with a larger enterprise) focused on a vertical industry where a lot of the same graphics could be reusable, having the ability to avoid rework and additional effort is key to reducing costs and maximizing revenue.

If you're nodding and interested in a more efficient method of generating ArchestrA graphics for your Wonderware systems, keep reading to learn how to reduce your efforts and the resultant cost of creating ArchestrA graphics by leveraging existing graphics sources.

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Topics: Wonderware, software, graphics, Archestra, Galaxy Toolbox

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