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Jan 19, 2023 2:00:00 PM

Welcome to our most popular blog post of the year! This post is our 6th annual sharing of references to learning resources including new whitepapers, our ever hot Tech Support Corner, a new AVEVA Users Corner, and new technology releases that users have told us were the most helpful to them over the course of the last year.

2022 accelerated transformations as industry worldwide continued to adapt to succeed in the face of ongoing challenges in supply chain, inflation, labor shortages, and exploding customer demand.  Each year we publish this blog post to help you learn, grow, and support empowering you to improve your business.

New Whitepaper: SAP to PLC/Production Integration Challenges & Alternatives


Integrating SAP to PLCs, OT and other production systems can be challenging for many valid reasons. Learn the terminology and interface types available in SAP. Discover options with visual integration workflows that reduce complexity and improve efficiency and results.  

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OPC Integration Resources


Product Training

Here are some of our most popular training over time and a few new things

Product Improvements

We've had several product updates, too many to list, but here's some highlights in case you missed anything:

  • LGH File Inspector - Query speed increase of up to 80%, resulting in over 700% performance boost, support for AVEVA InTouch 2023 with extended tag name 128 character lengths, making this tool for accessing local LGH history files more powerful than ever - Learn More about LGH File Inspector
  • DataHub - External Historian support for AVEVA historian offerings including PI Server and AVEVA Insight in the cloud along with the MQTT Smart Broker and Client with SparkplugB support have proven to be very popular complements to the rest of the extensive DataHub functionality.  As users prepared for DCOM Hardening, the OPC Gateway functionality had helped many users remove the risks of DCOM.
  • OPC Router - Version 4.28 - MQTT Sparkplug A & B and MQTT 5 support, Oracle Cloud Database support, new triggers for more flexibility, new optional subscription license options & more - Learn More about OPC Router
  • TOP Server - Currently on version 6.12.361.0 as of this blog post. There was also a 6.11.764.0 update release in 2022. Each release included multiple driver and plug-in improvements, OPC UA Security improvements and more are detailed in the release notes. Users are encouraged to remain on an active support & maintenance agreement for free upgrades.
  • OmniServer - More users than ever before took advantage of OmniServer's ability to integrate serial, USB, and Ethernet devices that don't use standard protocols. This year we added support for Windows 11 and Server 2022, streamlined configuration sharing, OPC UA security updates, and more protocol message CSV import/export options and more. Learn more about OmniServer
  • Flow V6 - buffered data sources, enabling direct access to real-time data without a historian, improved data entry forms, improved dashboard navigation, and capabilities to pre-filter data and make it even more useful for measures without increasing license size. Learn more about Flow

Developer's Corner

AVEVA Users Corner
TopSvr_OPC_Client_Suite_w-AVEVA-Clients-RGB_Color-350wOur team was very busy producing new content to help our users of AVEVA software such as InTouch, System Platform, Historian and more reduce integration cost and time to solution. 

One of our most popular solutions is the TOP Server OPC Client Suite, which provides a scalable reliable Suitelink to OPC UA gateway for AVEVA InTouch and System Platform - find out how here.
AVEVA_Partner_Badge_cmyk_purple_Technology-Partner_150x150Many of our key products support the AVEVA native Suitelink interface and will continue to as that is the easiest connection for the AVEVA side to configure, but we had more requests for "how to connect via OPC UA" so our team made some helpful tutorial blogs this year.


AVEVA System Platform


We hope you found this resource useful and that it helps you hone your skills and knowledge throughout this year and beyond.  Subscribe to our blog and, as always, if you have questions, let us know.

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